“Daisy Abstract” 11×15 watercolor paper & mixed media

They do grow wild in the desert!

“Sunday Sunflowers”

Enjoying a sunny day!



May not be much….

“Puddle” Moapa Valley, NV
“A Drop” Moapa Valley, NV

However, means survival in the extreme desert.

Hoping your “surviving” your week!

Creative Karma for your Day!




“Abstract Desert” 11×15 watercolor paper & mixed media

new ways of creating works of Art! Freedom with materials, science to make it happen, and the Artist hand to guide the process! CREATE!

Although not winning any awards at the local gallery with my work, I have been invited to have my work featured in an International online Gallery. Have any of you ever used one of those before? Any insider information you can share BEFORE I get in over my head...please..

Have an Exploration Creative Day!



(PS I have added more NEW creations on my page 2019 Works of Art. Each day I will feature one of them in my blog post.)

The one that started it…..

“Science Series Green” 9×12 watercolor paper & mixed media

Playing around, having fun and experimenting with materials. Each day brings a new excitement into the world of art. For YEARS and Years I taught others, from children to adults, how to “be an artist”.

It is very nice to be a working artist, explaining nothing, and enjoying the creative freedom.

Sending Creative Freedom for your day!



(as always, if you would like to view more of my work, or make a purchase for your collection, please message me, or check out my website, Facebook, Instagram, or twitter accounts …….artworkbydiannmeynor@wordpress.com)


“First 2019”

“First 2019” 9×12 water color paper & mixed media

It has a been a busy start to the 2019 year at the Moapa Mesa “She Shed Studio”. Working with similar materials as I was in in 2018 but in different and quite abstract ways. Over the weekend it was one of Art and Science fun experimentation. I will posting photos of those works soon.

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Soon to be changes with updating my website and domain name. Looking forward to the New Year.

Thank You for following my blog and being a part of my day! You are Special, bring smiles to this artist, and she really appreciates that!



Fog in the desert


(not the greatest image I know…sorry) However the fog that we are encased in after the the rains all night, have made this quite the “Silent Sunday”, sip coffee and enjoy reading your blogs type of day. OHHHH and ¬†with the creative juices flowing, new works of art are producing!

Have a Wonderful Day!